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Custom logo light boxes for your event
Branded light boxes and centerpieces for corporate events, conferences, exhibitions and expos.

Express 48-hour production available.
Some of our clients

Custom branded centerpieces & light boxes
These custom light boxes and corporate centerpieces are a great idea for business events such as conferences, dinners and exhibitions. You can use them as corporate event signage to showcase your logo and stand out from the crowd.
LED cube centerpieces
Sizes: 4 in, 6 in, 8 in, 12 in. Perfect as custom centerpieces.
Table spheres
Sizes: 6 in, 8 in, 10 in, 12 in. A great conference centerpiece idea.
Cube stools / seats
Sizes: 16 in, 20 in, 24 in.
Strong enough to sit on. Perfect for corporate event decor.
Floor spheres
Sizes: 16 in, 20 in, 24 in. Can be made to float on water, to use as branded floating pool lights.
Sizes: 22 in (length).
Strong enough to sit on.
Sizes: 32 in, 43 in (height). Perfect as exhibition light boxes for your expo booth.
Small ice bucket
11 in tall x 13 in wide. Can hold 2-3 bottles. A great centerpiece idea for corporate parties.
Large ice bucket
11 in tall x 26 in wide. Can hold 3-5 bottles. Great as custom logo centerpieces.
Sizes: 15 in, 32 in (height). Perfect for event signage.
The smaller lamps work well as custom table centerpieces for business events such as corporate dinners, company anniversary parties and award ceremonies.

Larger lamps can be used to make a bold statement at launch parties, brand activations, expo booths and experiential marketing events.
All lightboxes are wireless and ready to use.

✔ No wires, no trip hazards

✔ 8-hour battery life

✔ Ready to use (no setup)
Projecting wall light box signs
Our wall-mounted light boxes can be used as illuminated entrance signs, shop signs and storefront signs. Since each sign has a certain depth, it projects from the wall. This is sure to attract attention and increase your footfall. Each side of the lightbox can be customized with a different logo or design.
Wall cubes
Sizes: 8 in, 12 in, 16 in, 20 in. Work well as illuminated entrance signs, storefront signs.
Wall spheres
Sizes: 8 in, 10 in, 12 in, 16 in, 20 in, 24 in. A three-dimensional sphere, as opposed to traditional flat round light boxes.
Wall rectangle
Size: 22 in x 14 in.
Can mount landscape or portrait.
Projecting wall sign
32 in long x 12 in x 12 in. A unique projecting light box sure to attract attention.
All of our backlit wall signs are suitable for outdoor use. You can use them as unique projecting signs for your entrance. They can be branded with a full color logo or design.
More than 350 five-star reviews on Google

Over 20,000 satisfied customers

Happy with my branded ice buckets. PK Green were very responsive and easy to work with. My package arrived earlier than expected as I said I had an event coming up, so I'm grateful for that!
- Asia Diaz

Great product very impactful at our event. The team were very helpful getting our item delivered in a quick timeframe.
- Story PR
Hanging suspension light boxes
Our hanging pendant light box signs are sure to attract attention. You can use them at restaurants, retail shops, hotels, bars, night clubs and venues. You can customize them with your logo, directional signage and more.
Hanging cubes
Sizes: 6 in, 8 in, 12 in, 16 in, 20 in, 24 in
Hanging spheres
Sizes: 6 in, 8 in, 10 in, 12 in, 16 in, 20 in, 24 in
Hanging rectangle
Size: 22 in x 14 in
Since they hang from the ceiling, these frameless illuminated logo signs don't take up any floor space. That makes them perfect for conference signage at corporate events, exhibitions, expo booths.
All PK Green logo light box signs are remote-controlled.

✔ 16 static colors (including white)

✔ 4 color changing modes

✔ Adjustable brightness

✔ 1 remote controls all signs
Other key benefits of our custom lightboxes
Full color wrap possible
Can change the color of the LED light cube completely, and fully customize it with any color or design.
Can match brand colours
We can match Pantone colors and brand colors closely.
Fully waterproof
IP65 rated. Can use all light boxes outdoors. Signage laminated for 12 year outdoor durability.
PK Green light boxes vs traditional acrylic light boxes

✔ Rounded edges and corners

✔ Premium finish

✔ Unbreakable

✔ Lifetime guarantee
Other shapes of bespoke light box
Table center logo blocks
Sizes: 6 in, 8 in (height). Work well as table decor for corporate events.
Table egg
15 in tall. Work well as corporate dinner centerpieces.
8 in tall. Popular as illuminated glow centerpieces, and corporate event centerpieces.
9 in tall. Has a handle for easy carrying.
Flower vase
Sizes: 20 in, 30 in (height). Great for functional display signage and conference decoration.
Cocktail table
47 in tall. Great for large outdoor displays.
We have many shapes and sizes of light box logo displays available. All of our custom branded cubes, light boxes and light up centerpieces are frameless, giving a premium look and feel. They're a great corporate branding idea for business events, conferences, expos, exhibitions and corporate event decor.
More than 350 five-star reviews on Google

Over 20,000 satisfied customers

PK Green is fantastic to work with! They helped us pivot our order when COVID changed our plans and the custom touches were so appreciated.
- Caitlin Teed

Five cubes all amazing! Fast shipping. Custom artwork on the cubes and my clients can't get enough. You can sit on these things! Whoop! Cant say enough good about PK Green.
- Jeremy Conlon

Loved working with PK Green for a client campaign. They were super responsive and able to fast track our delivery last minute which was greatly appreciated! Will definitely be using PK Green again for any event / PR needs.
- Emily Burke

5 gold stars for PK Green Enterprise. Great product, great customer service. If you are looking for a company that goes above and beyond, you won't be disappointed. Well done Tanay, we loved the light up cubes, branded with our logo, it was just what we were looking for, thank you.
- Clare Waterfall

Amazing customer service and product quality! Our personalized light box was nothing short of perfect and better than we ever expected, would highly recommend!
- Joe O'Brien

The service was great. The cubes were in excellent condition and easy to use.
- Pauline Rigal-Ansous

I've been really impressed with the service received from PK Green, Tanay was always quick to respond to emails and we are really happy with the final results. Highly recommend.
- Danielle Chesterman

5/5 stars. Everything perfect. Production, delivery and service!
- Constantin Weyermann