Wireless Illuminated LED Bench Seat Stool, Multi Color Outdoor Mood Light Floor Lamp Furniture

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- Premium cordless illuminated LED bench from PK Green. Color changing luminous LED seat. Perfect for living room, bedroom, lounge, wedding, party, event, hotel, restaurant, bar

- Strong enough to sit on (80kg weight bearing capacity). Can use as stool, seat, side table, coffee table, illuminated LED furniture

- Remote control included. Multicolor RGB mood light. Choose from 16 colors (including white) and 4 color changing modes (including gradual color change). Dimmable (brightness adjustable with remote)

- Waterproof (IP65 rated). The ultimate outdoor lamp for garden parties, outdoor events, terraces, balconies, patios (ensure base is protected from water)

- Cordless rechargeable lamp - no messy wires, no hassle of mains power – perfect for events. Long battery life (up to 8 hours). Mains adaptor for charging included.

Premium rechargeable modern LED stool floor lamp from PK Green. Perfect for living room, bedroom, lounge, party, event.

With an 80kg weight-bearing capacity, this floor lamp is strong enough to sit on. You can use it as stool, seat, side table, coffee table

Remote control included. Choose from 16 colors and 4 color changing modes (flashing, strobe, fade and smooth color change).

This mood light has a gradual color changing sequence, which has to be seen to be appreciated. The light doesn’t flash – it blends from one color to the other. Photos don’t do it justice.

You can also adjust the brightness of the lamp with the remote control.

This lamp is waterproof (IP65 rated). You can use it as an outdoor lamp. It’s perfect for garden, terrace, balcony, patio. Just ensure that the base is protected from water.

With a long battery life, this decorative lamp will glow up to 8 hours continuously.

Being rechargeable, you can place this lamp wherever you want – with no mains power and no messy wires to worry about – making it perfect for events.

Being cool to touch, it’s safe for children to hold. You can use it as a sensory light or sensory toy.

In addition, you can use it as a modern floor lamp, LED furniture, sensory light for children, designer floor standing lamp, dimmable mood light, cordless decorative lamp for home, event, wedding, party, restaurant, hotel, bar.

- Strong enough to sit on: 80kg weight capacity
- Size: 55 cm (length) x 30 cm (width) x 35 cm (height)
- Waterproof (IP65 rated)
- Material: plastic PE
- Rechargeable Lithium battery (installed in the lamp)
- Charging time: 4-6 hours
- Battery life: up to 8 hours

What you get

- Rechargeable LED stool light - Illuminated LED bench
- Remote control
- Mains adaptor for charging

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