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Table signs for corporate events
Custom table signs for corporate events. Branded with your logo.

Can be delivered in 48 hours.
Some of our clients

Many different options
All of our table signs are illuminated with LED lights. They can be branded with your logo or design.
Sizes: 4 in, 6 in, 8 in, 12 in
Sizes: 6 in, 8 in, 10 in, 12 in
Sizes: 6 in, 8 in (height)
Small ice buckets
Can hold 2-3 bottles
Large ice buckets
Can hold 3-5 bottles
8 in tall
All tabletop signs are wireless and ready to use.

✔ No wires, no trip hazards

✔ 8-hour battery life

✔ Ready to use (no setup)
Our table signage is made for corporate events.
No setup, no assembly
Ready to use out of the box
Rechargeable (no wires)
8 hour battery life: will last your entire event
Can deliver in 48 hours
Perfect for last-minute events
More than 800 five-star reviews on Google

Over 30,000 satisfied customers

"We are obsessed with our light boxes. It was the perfect addition to our Adobe events and booths to drive attention."
- Liz S  |  Adobe

"Great service & speedy delivery. Our LED bench really stood out. A great finishing touch at our corporate event."
- Sarah E  |  MacAllister McAleese

"Great service and AMAZING products - thank you all for the assistance, you all were extremely helpful!!"
- Heidi H  |  JP Morgan

"Thank you so much for the wonderful work you all did for our lamps. The cubes were a big hit at the show!"
- The Dell team
Unlimited customization options
Full color wrap possible
Can customize with full-color graphics, right to the edges
Can match brand colors
We can match Pantone colors and brand colors closely
Black background possible
Lamp can be completely black, with light shining through logo
All table signs are remote-controlled.

✔ 16 colors (incl. white)

✔ 4 color changing modes

✔ Adjustable brightness

✔ 1 remote controls all
Larger signage options
We also have larger displays available.
Cube stools / seats
Sizes: 16 in, 20 in, 24 in. Can sit on
Sizes: 22 in (length). Can sit on
Sizes: 32 in, 43 in (height)
Floor spheres
Sizes: 16 in, 20 in, 24 in
Round pillar
45 in tall
Sizes: 15 in, 32 in (height)
PK Green signs vs traditional acrylic signs

✔ Rounded edges and corners

✔ Premium finish

✔ Unbreakable

✔ Lifetime guarantee
More projects we have done
Innovation Lab
Turner Classic Movies

More than 800 five-star reviews on Google

Over 30,000 satisfied customers

"PK Green is fantastic to work with! They helped us pivot our order when COVID changed our plans and the custom touches were so appreciated."
- Caitlin T  |  Shopify

"We’ve always been so happy with the lights we order from you. I’m excited to use these next weekend at our program."
- Brey S M  |  Medtronic

"Happy with my branded ice buckets. PK Green were very responsive and easy to work with. My package arrived earlier than expected as I said we had an event coming up, so I'm grateful for that consideration from the team!"
- Asia D  |  Set the Bar

"Great to work with - communication was fast and easy. Attended to specific needs and worked with us to ensure our deadline. Quality of items was good."
- Jenna R  |  Hillel

"I've been really impressed with the service received from PK Green, always quick to respond to emails and we are really happy with the final results. Highly recommend."
- Danielle C  |  Harmonic

"The service was great. The cubes were in excellent condition and easy to use."
- Pauline R-A  |  Val D'Oise

"Our clients loved the lighted orbs so much they ordered more! Quick service, quick turnaround for custom made products."
- Meredith M  |  Convatec

"5/5 stars. Everything perfect. Production, delivery and service!"
- Constantin W
Frequently asked questions

Can the table signs be re-used?

Yes, our custom signs are re-usable. They are unbreakable and durable for transport, which means you can use them at multiple events. We can even change the graphics in the future, which makes them a sustainable option for corporate events.

Can each side of the display have a different logo or branding?

Yes, you can have a different logo on each side of the sign. In fact, many of our clients use the displays as table sponsor signs, with a different logo on each side to highlight their sponsors.

Can you match brand colors or Pantone colors?

Yes, we can match any brand color, including Pantone, CMYK, HEX or RAL. Using a proprietary process, we can match your brand colors even when the displays are illuminated.

What is the battery life?

All of our custom tabletop signs have a battery life of up to 8 hours. You can make the battery life longer by reducing the brightness, using the remote control.

What shapes and sizes are available?

Here are all of the shapes and sizes we can produce:

There are many sizes and shapes available.

There are many sizes and shapes available.

Can one remote control all of the signs?

Yes, one remote control can be used to control multiple displays. Using the remote control, you can change the colors, adjust the brightness, and turn the lights on and off.

How are the signs delivered? Is assembly required?

All of our personalized table signs are ready to use out of the box. There is no setup required. We can even charge them for you and deliver them straight to your event, if required (just let us know).

What are the table signs made of?

All of our tabletop signage is made of a single solid mould of PE plastic. This makes it unbreakable and durable for transport. We offer a lifetime guarantee on the build of all of our table signage.

Are the displays waterproof?

Yes, all of our customized products are waterproof and can be used outdoors.

What kind of events are these signs suitable for?

Our tabletop signs are suitable for indoor and outdoor events. They are popular for conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, conventions, expos, galas, awards ceremonies and corporate dinners. Many of our clients use them as table talkers to display information and QR codes - this creates an interactive experience for guests. You could also use them as sponsorship signage, or countertop signs.

How quickly can you produce and deliver?

With express production, we can produce your tabletop signs on the same day, and deliver within 2 working days with UPS Express. Just mention your deadline when requesting a quote, and we'll take care of it.

More than 800 five-star reviews on Google

Over 30,000 satisfied customers

"Great service, great product, great communication! Our charity night centerpieces were loved by everyone! Thanks to all at PK Green."
- Michael C  |  Southern Water

"PK Green provides excellent service and high-quality products. We ordered a lightbox for our trade show event and received many compliments."
- Debe K  |  ManageCasa

"The products I've bought at PK Green (light boxes) have been a huge hit! They are the highlight of our events often times. Some of our clients have even asked to buy their own."
- Carleen D  |  Simplicity

"Great product, very impactful at our event. The team were very helpful getting our item delivered in a quick timeframe."
- Story PR

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About PK Green

At PK Green, we help corporate brands connect with their customers.

Established since 2006, we've helped Fortune 500 brands such as Google, Microsoft, Hilton and Visa stand out at corporate events such as conferences, trade shows and exhibitions.

We understand the importance of first impressions, particularly at business events.

That's why we produce all of our branded table signs and light boxes in our own production facility, to maintain the highest levels of quality.

Our bespoke service is tailored to corporate and enterprise clients, to meet their specific requirements.

For example, you might need us to:

- Follow strict brand guidelines
- Deliver products to multiple event locations, in different countries, on the same day
- Sign confidentiality agreements or contracts, when working with sensitive projects
- Match brand colors exactly
- Provide a white-label delivery service
- Work with complex designs or graphics
- Provide same-day production for last-minute events

Don't worry, we've done all of the above, and more.

We go above and beyond for our clients.

Trust us to make your corporate event memorable.