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Made for corporate events, conferences & trade shows

- No setup, no assembly. Ready to use out of the box

- Rechargeable (no wires). 8+ hour battery life

- Remote-controlled: 16 static colors including white, 4 color changing modes

- Printed using latest HP printers (7 inks) - can match brand colors & Pantone colors

- Full color customization possible

- Unbreakable: shatterproof and durable for transport

- Express production available (under 24 hours if required)

- Free UPS Express shipping within the US and Canada (1-3 days)

- Examples of recent projects:
CNN backlit light box
Personalised illuminated ball light
Personalised table display lamp
Customised circular lightbox
- See more recent work on our portfolio page.

Rechargeable - no wires

- Wireless - perfect for events
- No assembly - ready to use out of the box
- 8-hour battery life
- Can be plugged-in if required

Remote control: 16 static colors, 4 color changing modes

- 16 static colors including white
- 4 color changing options
- Can adjust brightness

PK Green lights vs other lights

- Bright, even light

- Rounded edges and corners

- Unbreakable: lifetime guarantee on build

- Made from a single solid PE plastic mould (not acrylic pieces glued together, which shatter and break if dropped)

- Larger lights such as 16-in cubes and benches are strong enough to sit on (180 lbs weight capacity)

- Made for events: durable for transport, reusable

Our LED light box signs are perfect for conferences and corporate party decor. These branded displays can also be used as stand up signs for event marketing.

Illuminated event signs.

Our signs are designed to make your brand glow. They come with a remote control, so you can change the colors of the light easily to fit the theme of your venue.

Portable and wireless light boxes.

Our displays are rechargeable, so they are completely portable. You don't need to worry about wires or power outlets. Great for business events such as awards ceremonies, corporate dinners and conventions.

Trade show and event booth displays.

Our signs are popular for exhibit booths and vendor booths. Standing out in a convention center is difficult. Make it easy with our branded illuminated signage. Customize the signs with logos and QR codes to make it more interactive for your customers.

Custom event signage for your corporate event.

Our custom light boxes are perfect for your corporate event, conference or trade show. They are ready to use out of the box, so you can focus on your event and not worry about setup.

Sponsorship signage.

You can use these displays as sponsor signs. Print your sponsors' logos on the signs. After your event, you can even let your sponsors take the light boxes home with them. They will appreciate it and remember you.

Frameless - no dark borders.

All of our signage is frameless. The LED lights illuminate the displays right to the edge. No dark borders around the edges - more focus on your logo and brand.

Option of tall free-standing light box.

We have tall stand up signs available, such as columns and round pillars. At your next expo or exhibition, you could use these as floor stand up signs, or printed totem signs. You could print a QR code or information near the top, so that it is easily seen by your customers.

The perfect corporate display signs.

Conference branding is easy with our custom branded signs. They are available as LED cube lights, spheres, rectangles, blocks, columns and more. Perfect for your corporate event decor.

Waterproof: can use as outdoor signs.

Since the displays are waterproof, you can use them for outdoor events such as concerts, galas and receptions. The lights and prints are rated for 12-year outdoor durability, and they are IP65-rated.

Unbreakable and shatterproof.

PK Green displays are made from a single solid mould of PE plastic. Other signs on the market are made from acrylic pieces glued together (these crack and break easily). PK Green signs are unbreakable. They will never break or shatter - guaranteed.

Venue branding.

Venue signage is important for your guests. They need clear, informative displays, so that they can find their way around the venue, as well as understand what your company does. Our signs make it easy.

Free-standing - no assembly, no mounting required.

Just take your lights out of the box, and they're ready to use. No time spent on complex assembly. No last-minute stress.

Lifetime guarantee.

We offer a lifetime guarantee on the construction of all of our branded light boxes. They are unbreakable, so they won't break even if you drop them by accident. You can transport them between events without any stress.

Full-color customization possible.

The light boxes can be completely customized in any color, right to the edges. We can also print graphics which span across multiple sides, or even match across edges.

Launch new brands or products with impact.

Our corporate displays can also be used to make an impact at launch parties, experiential marketing events and brand activation events.

Sustainable decorations for your event.

All of our custom event signage is reusable. So you can use it at multiple events throughout the year. It's unbreakable, shatterproof and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Express 24-hour production for last-minute marketing ideas.

With our express production service, you can have your customized lights in-hand within just 2-3 days. Perfect for last-minute events. After you receive them, just unbox them and turn them on. Zero setup.

Unlimited customization options.

You can print any logo, design or text on the signs. It's a great event branding idea, because you can tailor the design to your specific event or exhibition.

Can match brand colors and Pantone colors.

Using the latest HP and 3M printing technology, we can match brand colors (including Pantone colors). We can match the colors even when the lights are illuminated. Send us your graphics, and we'll take care of the rest.

Other uses.

You can also use these light boxes in a conference room, at an awards night, or at a corporate reception.

Bespoke mock-up service.

Our experienced graphics team will create mock-ups and proofs for you, before you place your order. It means that you can check all of the design details, before you place your order. This service is free of charge.

Get free mock-ups & quote today

See how your logo will look and get a quote.

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