Custom Logo Light Box Glow Cube, Multicolor Square LED RGB Wireless Illuminated Block Sign, Branded Lightbox for Conference, Corporate Event Signage

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About PK Green customized lamps

- All lamps personalized by hand, in our own workshop

- Printed using latest HP printer (7 inks) - can match brand colors closely

- Full color customization possible

- Large quantities in stock (10,000 sq foot warehouse)

- Fast turnaround possible (under 24 hours if required)

- Free express shipping within the US and Canada (1-3 days)

- Examples of recent projects:
CNN backlit light box
Personalised illuminated ball light
Personalised table display lamp
Customised circular lightbox
- See more recent work on our portfolio page.

This custom-made illuminated square LED block, branded with your logo, is guaranteed to attract attention.

The smaller sizes are popular as branded logo table centers. The larger sizes are often used as stools, seats and tables (they are strong enough to sit on).

Make your event memorable with this custom display light box

This branded lightbox can be custom printed with your logo or graphics.

Use it as a unique display sign at your corporate event, exhibition or expo. It's sure to attract attention and make your brand unforgettable.

Available in many shapes and sizes

Smaller sizes work well as one-of-a-kind table centerpieces: a perfect branding idea for your corporate event, exhibition, awards ceremony or company anniversary celebration.

Larger sizes can be used to make a bold statement at experiential marketing events, expos, brand activations and launch parties.

Since the lamps are available in many shapes and sizes, you can have different lamps all branded with your logo or graphics. Scatter them across your venue to create a unique experience for your guests.

Give your brand a premium look and feel.

With a unique frameless construction, PK Green light boxes have a high quality look and feel.

Traditional light boxes have sharp corners and edges, which appear dark when the light box is illuminated.

PK Green light boxes have rounded edges and corners, which gives a uniform glow right to the edges. It gives them a seamless look.

Each PK Green lamp is customized by hand, in our own facility, to ensure the highest possible quality.

The perfect backdrop for Zoom meetings or business video calls

Branded with your logo, you can place this light box in the background when doing Zoom calls or video conferences.

It is sure to add a unique yet professional look to your online business meetings.

It's great when team members are working from their home office: when calling a client, it will ensure that your brand is memorable.

If the Zoom or Skype meeting is recorded and posted online, having your logo illuminated in the background will increase your brand awareness.

A great branding idea for experiential marketing events

In order to make your marketing event memorable, your guests must feel immersed in your brand.

There's no better way to do this than having unique, illuminated light boxes - customized with your logo or message.

Illuminated objects are guaranteed to attract attention, especially in a dark venue.

Rather than having plain lighting, use these custom branded lights which will help to reinforce your brand and message.

You could also print QR codes on the lamps, which your guests will scan to access digital experiences.

These lamps are perfect for brand activation campaigns, launch parties, live marketing and engagement marketing campaigns.

Can be custom printed with a QR code and menu: perfect for restaurants

You can print different designs on each side of the light box.

You could print a QR code on it, so that guests will scan it to see the menu card.

On another side of the lamp, you could print the table number.

Guests will see the menu, enter their table number online, and place the order.

On the top of the lamp, you could print your logo in full color.

Guests often take photos when their food arrives. Your branded lamp will be seen in the background, with your logo illuminated.

When they post the photos on social media, their friends and families will instantly see the logo of your restaurant, which will help make your business more memorable.

Perfect for your exhibition stand or expo booth.

Add a unique touch to your exhibition booth with these light boxes, custom branded with your logo or graphics.

Expos and exhibitions are vital to get more business, yet they can be very competitive. It's important to attract the attention of potential clients with unique, eye-catching displays.

These one-of-a-kind light boxes are guaranteed to capture attention, increase foot traffic to your booth, and ensure that your company stands out among the competition.

Unbreakable and shatterproof. Lifetime warranty on the construction of the lamps

Traditional light boxes are built from thin sheets of acrylic which are glued together. This construction is prone to cracking and breaking over time.

PK Green lamps are built from a single solid piece of PE plastic. They are unbreakable and shatterproof. Even if they're dropped on the floor from a height, they will never break.

This is ideal when you're transporting the lamps between events. Traditional acrylic light boxes often break during transport.

However, PK Green lamps will never break in transport.

We believe in our build quality so much that we offer a lifetime warranty on the construction of our lamps.

We can confident in saying that PK Green light boxes are the most durable light boxes available.

Technical specifications

- Available in the following sizes: 4 in, 6 in, 8 in, 12 in, 16 in, 20 in, 24 in. Sizes up to 12 in are best when using the lights on a table. 16 in, 20 in and 24 in cubes have a weight capacity of 180 lbs. They are strong enough to sit on. All sides of the cubes are equal (for example, 20 inch cube = 20 x 20 x 20 inches).

- Weight: from 0.7 lbs (4 inch cube) to 27 lbs (24 inch cube).

Get free mock-ups & quote today

See how your logo will look and get a quote.

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